CALL:Social uprising-Health&a good life for all!

  • December 14, 2020 12:25

CALL: Social uprising at 1 meter distance: Health and a good life for all! Solidarity and organization from the bottom instead of emergency laws.

No room for inhuman ideologies and right-wing hustle!

22.12 Meiselmarkt (U3 Johnstrasse), 1150 Vienna from 15 pm: Manifestation with wood stove pizza+warm drinks; 18 pm: DEMO to PAZ Hernals

We are angry and exhausted. The energies at the end. In the midst of a health and economic crisis, we are asked to limit our lives and social contacts and continue working under even tougher conditions or going into forced labor: work until we drop, broken herniated discs or burn-out, but the money in the stock exchange will not more Who has the privilege of having a big apartment to bunk in? Why are all the restrictions in place especially in free time and not in the workplace? Why do construction, renovations and factory operations have to continue in a pandemic while essential surgeries in hospitals cannot be done due to capacity reasons? Why is forest robbery not being stopped internationally when it is clear that the probability of epidemic increases by a hundred percent by transferring animals to humans?

Capitalism is our crisis

The pandemic is exacerbating our realities of life. But the ′′ Corona Crisis ′′ has been used politically to mask the crisis of capitalism since 2008 Much of what we are experiencing right now had its breaking points before Corona, such as in the medical and social sphere. The consequences of these savings are now massive.

Give up our money instead of applause-We’re not paying for your crisis

In the same breath, the state distributes billions of taxpayer s’ money to environmentally harmful airlines, favors large corporations and creates an ever-increasing military and police apparatus. Retail employees are fed with a voucher and hospital staff receive applause instead of meeting the demands for necessary protection, free childcare and wage increases in case of shortening of working hours. Workers in the slaughterhouses are forced to continue working. Factory farming continues despite the knowledge of communicable diseases. Small catering businesses and cultural institutions are left behind. The regional economy is being shattered while companies like Amazon, Google, communication platforms, digital pay systems and gun companies are called to make billions of profits. Now we are home and can serve the market from here because we are not allowed out anymore.

Health and a good life for all – fighting for a classless (health) system

Colleagues from the public hospitals have told us that people die almost every day because they don’t get the necessary care. Not enough beds and not enough trained staff in the ICU. Due to the lack of resources caused, staff must make decisions about who dies and who survives. Massive savings in recent years have led to shortages and increase the pressure on colleagues in the hospitals. Instead of relieving and replenishing it, in the midst of the 2th wave, hospital funding for 2021 was cut by 130 million euros! We send solidary greetings to the Hospitals and support the demands for more personnel and infrastructure! Let’s fight together for a functioning, non-profit-oriented healthcare!

Abolish all deportations and pushy!

The European deportation industry is also not one of the losers of the crisis and signs a deportation agreement with Afghanistan in the 2th wave. Germany withdraws deployed soldiers there because of the pandemic while people who have fled from there are pushed back to the war region. Austria at the forefront. The Austrian state, in cooperation with other EU countries, delivers refugees to Russian intelligence services and does not shy away from delivering political refugees to the Erdogan regime.

Instant provision of autonomous living space for all!

The privilege of getting comfortable at home in the home office study is only possible for a small elite with a home. Most people live in a tight space. Social isolation, children who want to get busy, the elderly and the sick who need to be cared for. Concerns of existence, fears and loneliness. It’s not violence to provide all people with a worthy housing: refugees are locked up in camps throughout Austria and often have to share a space to ten. Homeless people are (now multiplied! ) displaced from public places. Solidarity through the walls of all houses, camps and jail feminist solidarity instead of isolation!

Feminist solidarity

For most people, especially women *, lesbians and GQIT individuals who have deliberately opted against heteronormative concepts of life mean social and economic catastrophe. In addition, reproduction work like childcare obligations are increasingly deported to the private sector instead of socializing them. Women’s houses and counseling centres are being cut as patriarchal violence and feminicide increase. We don’t want to perish and get organized!

Let’s stop the virus of control

Let’s overcome the isolation and fear that has caused fainting and confusion. The state is using increasing inequalities and the systemic crisis produced to enforce an authoritarian policy that gives police more powers and justifies the use of high-tech control systems. We are being monitored more and more by computer systems and are supposed to control ourselves. Opportunities for protest are increasingly being restricted worldwide. History teaches us that pandemics have always been the trigger to regulate and control the population even more. Let’s organize ourselves against the tendency of ′′ voluntary ′′ self-control. If we don’t get used to state emergency regulations, let’s not leave the protest against it to the brown swamp and their people despise the ideologies! No room for inhuman ideologies and right-wing hustle!

A society of solidarity does not need emergency laws!

Let’s get organized!

A good life for all!

Let’s look at each other. Take a mask and physically distance if needed.

Legal Information: According to the COVID19 Emergency Measures Ordinance (§ 19, paragraph 1, Z 2 COVID-19-NotV), private housing is allowed to leave for the purpose of attending a gathering under the Assembly Act. This also applies to the way home after 20 pm!”